The Whistleblower Files — Why Do It?


As I write this, it’s Friday night, September 27, 2019. This has been a profoundly disturbing week, coming after several profoundly disturbing years. I’m a former CIA officer, a current criminal defense investigator, and as fate would have it — I’m someone with Ukranian connections and area expertise. I’m concerned. I’m curious. As an investigator, when I care about something I tend to dive in and start gathering facts — and let the facts lead where they may. That’s what I intend to do here. Gather the facts and see where they lead.

The impeachment inquiry is clearly and distinctly focused on a particular set of actions. It begins with the July 25 phone call between Donald Trump and Volodymyr Zelensky — but in the coming weeks and months the inquiry will radiate outward from that. What, exactly, was the extent of the campaign to enlist Ukranian government help to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden? And what of the Crowdstrike piece? Where did it begin? Who, besides Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump were involved? Did Attorney General Bill Barr, whom Trump mentioned repeatedly in the call, play a role? What about Pompeo and State?

There are questions on the other side too. Other than what we already know — was Hunter Biden, who has a history of poor judgment, involved in anything real that could come back and haunt him or his dad? I have people from Ukraine claiming there is more information coming about that. I also have people from Ukraine insisting that the Obama administration in 2016 truly did seek to get Ukranians to dig up dirt on Trump. I’m skeptical of both these claims — but facts matter, and In an age where facts seem quaint and political narrative trumps everything — I believe facts matter, whether I like them or not.

What about political bias, you ask? Yes, I have my political views. I am on the liberal/progressive side of things. But facts matter to me, and I will follow the facts where they lead in this or any investigation. My political views do not obscure my ability to search for, and recognize facts, and fact patterns, and to distinguish between evidence and bloviation.

My commitment is to be accurate and label opinion as opinion, and fact as fact, and to drill as far down into the subject matter as I can. My goal is to be informed, and to the extent an audience develops, to inform others. We’ll see where this leads.


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