Kyiv Post: How the Burisma Case Unfolded


In the 28 Sep edition of the Kyiv Post, the Burisma case is detailed in a fairly straightforward way in an article entitled How the Burisma Case Unfolded that doesn’t break a lot of new ground — but which includes a few details that bear mentioning, as they don’t appear in most of the western accounts that are now circulating.

One item of interest is the final amount paid by Burisma to settle its legal difficulties. That amount, according to then Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko, was 180 million hryvnias ($7.46M). Since that time, according to Burisma, the company has paid more than 5 billion hryvnias ($207 million) of taxes.

A slightly juicier tidbit is the following:

Sergii Leshchenko, then MP, said Trump’s lawyer was going to come to gather incriminating evidence on Biden. Leshchenko also demonstrated a document that, according to him, was passed by Lutsenko’s entourage to Trump’s lawyer.

It read that in March 2014, through lobbying channels, the former Minister of Ecology Zlochevsky allegedly invited U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Vice President Joe Biden to distribute profits at Burisma. This money was allegedly paid to Biden’s son and a friend of Kerry’s adopted son, Devon Archer.

Full article at Kyiv Post.


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