Malinowski on Joe Biden’s Ukraine Actions


Congressional Rep Tom Malinowski (D-Maryland) was an Assistant Secretary of State when Ukrainian prosecutor Victor Shokin was fired shortly after Joe Biden famously called for his ouster. Here’s what he said on the September 26 edition of Erin Burnett Out Front tonight:

“Here’s what happened. The US and the int’l community, we were giving a lot of support to Ukraine in 2015 106 the IMF was providing loans, the US was providing loan guarantees, and that was explicitly conditioned on Ukraine┬ámaking progress on the fight against corruption. In late 2015 we realized that the main prosecutor was doing nothing about corruption, and had not brought one significant prosecution against any company, including the one Joe Biden’s son was associated with. He wasn’t doing anything about that either. So we decided, the State department decided, not Joe Biden, that for assistance to be provided, that prosecutor needed to be replaced. The State department delivered that message; our Embassy delivered that message ; the EU delivered that message, the President of France delivered that message, the President of Germany delivered it, the IMF, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, all delivered it. So I don’t know, maybe Trump thinks the entire world was engaged in a conspiracy to protect Joe Biden and his son. Or maybe actually this was US policy, European policy, the International community’s policy, and the right thing to do.”

Erin Burnett, Out Front, September 26, 2019

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