Repubs Continue to Attack Process as Dems Begin Discussing Articles of Impeachment, Plan for Open Hearings by Mid-November


As the impeachment inquiry nears the end of its third week, an emerging theme is that Republicans are focusing their efforts almost entirely on arguing that the process is unfair, while the dems are moving forward and beginning to map out how the actual articles of impeachment will look. Dems are also planning to take the impeachment probe public, perhaps as early as mid-November, after the first rounds of closed door depositions has been completed.

The Republican effort to attack the process has contained two key components — first, on Wednesday, members of the house “stormed the SCIF” where Defense Department official Laura Wood was about to be deposed, to protest the manner in which hearings are being conducted. Then on Thursday, GOP Senator Lindsey Graham introduced a resolution condemning the house impeachment inquiry.

Reports surfaced yesterday that President Trump was aware of in advanced, and endorsed, the “storm the SCIF” effort.

In defending the use of closed-door hearings during this, the investigative phase of the impeachment inquiry, Dems have pointed to they are playing by “Benghazi Rules” as put in place by the repubs when they had the majority int he House. For that investigation, there were fact there were 107 closed door hearings over a four month period before the public hearings began.


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