I served as a CIA Operations officer for eleven years, specializing in the the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. My overseas tours of duty included Moscow, Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Philippines. I am a recipient of the CIA Commendation Medal.

I currently work as a criminal defense investigator with John Brown and Associates and an associated firm, Justice Media Associates. I am also an author of several non-fiction books and have written, produced, and/or directed a dozen feature films. There is more about me at my personal site MichaelDSellers.com, and you’re welcome to visit me on Facebook or Twitter. My filmography can be viewed at the Internet Movie Database.

I decided to set up and maintain The Whistleblower Files as a way of tracking and commenting on the events that are currently before us as a nation. I did something like this before on a far less weighty topic at a site called The John Carter Files, and it evolved into a nonfiction book called John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood. I’m not sure if something like that will happen this time, but the topic is of great interest to me, so this is a way of channeling my following of the story into something productive.

One other piece of relevant information is that I recently returned from Ukraine, where I have business and other interests, and thus I have some prospect of developing relevant information from Ukraine independently of media reports.

I welcome tips, leads, criticism, and information sharing from other writers or individuals with information of interest. You can reach me via email at MichaelDSellers@gmail.com or on my cell at 323-827-3264.